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Personal Style: Өөгөө дарж биш түүнийгээ ДӨВИЙЛГӨЖ хувцаслах ёстой ч байж мэднэ

How many decades has it been since we've been to told exactly what to wear from designers, fashion houses, trends, magazines and (most recently) bloggers? The biggest underlying problem that bothers me the most is that what these fashion oligarchs have told us to wear always changes. Thereby, in this post I want to talk about individual style.

Model Ebonee Davis stated in an interview with Allure Magazine (March 2018), "I'm a model; it's my job to sell things. It's this moral conflict with me because I don't want someone to see an image of me and feel like they have to change something about themselves and buy the product, or the shoes, or whatever I am selling, to feel good about themselves...if they see me being free, accepting who I am, and loving myself, then they can love themselves, too." I'm definitely right there with her.

"If you want to buy the same dress like mine, buy it from here."

I never wanted to be a that kind of blogger, and hopefully never will be. I feel this way, especially because the truth is that we all have different figures. What I'm wearing pictured here or on my social media accounts may not look good on you. BUT I'm willing to work with local designers and individuals who are starting their small business that will match my values and ethical standards for an honest brand.

A Thought: We all have our own figure from mother nature and our parents. No one knows your body better than you. So DON'T cover certain areas because fashion rule says NO. Maybe we should highlight those areas instead!

At this place and time, I want to give my readers a fashion style idea and be the resource to inspire that idea. Work with your body. Honestly, my body isn't curvy. We have this saying in Mongolia that goes: If your body is flat and you decide to wear loose clothes, people won't know if they are looking at the back or the front of your body. In conclusion, NO lose clothes for me!

My philosophy for styling is to focus on one area. Either the upper body or lower body. If I am wearing a short skirt, then I focus on my lower body. I enhance my legs and have fun with my taste in socks and shoes. On top, I wear something that shows less skin and toned down or more plain.

Less is more. For this particular look (below) the dress itself was tight and long. It needed a break in it so I decided to wear a solid black waist bag. Now it's easier on the eyes and you can easily see where my waist is.

Reminder: everyone has different figures and we all possess our own beauty. I encourage you... my lovely readers... to wear the types of clothes that represent you and that can show off your personality. If you create a look that truly represents YOU and makes you feel comfortable, trust me, you'll look way better than wearing any (expensive) designer clothes.

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