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HARDCORE Clothing Swap

This look all started from my Button Down Shirt! Putting an outfit together is like writing an essay. When you find the first essential sentence it starts to flow by itself.

This is how it started. My friend Lindsay invited me to her "Ladies Clothing Swap" party back in October. The goal of the party is to bring your clothes (old or new), accessories and anything else you’ve stopped wearing. Then, you and your group of friends can decide to keep the clothes that you liked for yourselves and the rest can be left for donation. For example, there were a lot of business style garments at this party so we decided to donate it to the Portland Women's Shelter. The casual leftover garments that were still in good condition were donated to Goodwill.

Overall, the party was fantastic! It was really laid back, along with snacks and drinks, it felt like we were shopping but without the cost. When one of us would try some the clothes on a few people say, "wow! It looks great on you!" or "hey, this might look good on you" and just toss it at you. How often do you have a stranger hand their clothes over while stating it will look good on you, “try this!” The house just felt full of joy, fun and happiness! A bunch of girls were laughing, trying on clothes and catching up.

To all my readers out there, whether you’re male or female, you should definitely attend a clothing swap party or maybe you should host one. It is a great excuse to clean out and upgrade your closet while also getting to meet friends of friends.

Okay, let's go back to my look! I got this over sized button down shirt from that party. Since I’m a full time mom, it's hard to wear business attire for my daily routine. Also, I don't want this shirt come out of someone's closet and let it just sit in my closet. I really wanted to wear it (but not traditional way) and highlight it for my look even if it was cold outside. First, a turtle neck is usually my signature look. I wore this one to embrace the baby blue with white striped button down shirt. I love geometric shapes and stripes as part of my look. In my mind it makes people’s eyes travel around and makes your whole look natural and effortless. Then I grabbed my navy blue leather effect pants I owned for years and tucked them in. So, I wore my very futuristic looking boots which have one bold line running straight down the middle. With this specific look, the geometric stripes matched. To show off the boots in a dramatic way, I folded my pants up. With a zipper on the back, it worked perfectly. Leather on leather, can never go wrong! So I topped it off with a black leather jacket. All these random pieces SWAPPED their colors, patterns and textures altogether and gave me a Hardcore Biker Girl, Heroine like look and yet Bossy!

Tips: Don't buy more clothes! Borrow a button down shirt from your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. It will fit us loose anyways but we call it "over sized". When it looks so good on you, they will probably agree to share it with you!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle! On this post it’s all about Upcycle! My photographer did a fantastic job capturing my outfit more than I imagined! I love his style of taking photos. Which are: colors that pop, diverse models and his last touch ups during the editing process. It was an honor to work with such a young and talented photographer like him! Check out his Instagram Account: JAY BUEZO

Copy Editor: Jenn Tinoco

Photographer: Jay Buezo

Thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxo Mindofamongol

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