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m - mountain/уул

o - moon & sun/нар & сар

m - hill/толгод

When the symbols unite it represents mom and her baby crawling together.

mountain and moon logo

The image came clearly in a daydream. I painted it that evening and adjusted the components around many times. More I changed the shape, the less I liked it. Then I ran across a quote from Terence McKenna "Intelligence is the apperception of pattern as such" which fasinated me so much. Circles arrived like a stream; ones ends and another one starts creating a logo. Something makes sense for me that I can't explain. I said "INTERESTING..."

Digital version is made by my dear friend Nyamdavaa Nergui. Nyamdavaa Nergui Nyamdavaa NerguiNyamdavaa Nergui

Related meanings of the logo:

  • Old and new

  • Togetherness and care for each other

  • Warm and naive feelings

The Mind Of Mongol name is above of my being. I cheerish how it folded formed into M.O.M. over the past few years. May I be blessed by this name!

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